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Kevin - CEO
As the CEO of Zen-AI, Kevin brings over 8 years of experience in blockchain technology to the team. He is a strategic thinker with a proven track record of developing and implementing innovative solutions in the blockchain space. Kevin's leadership and vision have been instrumental in driving the development and growth of Zen-AI.
Linkedin: Kevin Lang
Riley - Co-Founder
Riley is a visionary entrepreneur and co-founder of Zen-AI. He has a passion for developing groundbreaking solutions, and his innovative thinking has been instrumental in the creation of the Zen-AI platform. Riley's expertise in business strategy and development has been a major driving force behind the company's success.
Linkedin: Riley Daze
Tim McAlphin - Marketing Leader
Tim is an experienced marketer and brand strategist, with a talent for developing and executing successful marketing campaigns. He has a proven track record of driving awareness and adoption of blockchain solutions, and he is focused on leveraging his expertise to promote the Zen-AI platform to a wider audience.
Peter Kenberg - Marketing Leader
Peter is another experienced marketer on the Zen-AI team, with a particular focus on brand strategy and public relations. He is passionate about building strong relationships with customers and stakeholders, and he is dedicated to helping Zen-AI achieve its goals.
Josh West - AI Developer Leader
Josh is an experienced AI developer, with a passion for creating innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible. He has a deep understanding of the latest AI technologies, and he is focused on leveraging this knowledge to develop cutting-edge solutions for the Zen-AI platform.
Noah Janeson - Finance Leader
Noah is an experienced finance leader with a talent for managing complex financial systems. He has a strong understanding of blockchain technology and is dedicated to ensuring that the Zen-AI platform operates smoothly and efficiently. Noah's expertise has been instrumental in the successful development and growth of the platform.
Each of the Zen-AI core team members brings unique skills and expertise to the table, and their collective talents are what make Zen-AI such a powerful force in the world of decentralized finance. With their combined knowledge and experience, they are poised to revolutionize the industry and bring the power of AI and blockchain to the masses.
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